This is the age difference between Adamari López and Toni Costa

We tell you exactly how many years “La Chaparrita” from Un Nuevo Día takes her husband

Many are the famous ones who are older than their partners. Shakira and Pique, Madonna and her recent boyfriend, Rashel Diaz and Carlos Garcia. But who does not escape from this is “Shorty” spoiled of Telemundo, Adamari Lopez.

The conductor of A new day He has lived a very satisfying life but at the same time full of not easy obstacles. First of all, she faced and defeated aggressive breast cancer. Later she went through a very mediatic and painful divorce with the singer Luis Fonsi and that left her practically devastated.

However, some time later love knocked on her door and surprised her with a charming man who gives his life for her. The Spanish Toni Costa He was in charge of joining all the pieces that were broken inside the Puerto Rican and also giving him the greatest treasure they have, his little daughter Alaïa. But the reality is that Adamari He is 12 years older than the dancer.

Despite the harsh criticism that they received at the beginning and that they still receive in less quantity, both have kept a lot of mouths because they have become one of the most solid couples in the world of Hispanic entertainment and, as they themselves have affirmed, “They have never felt the age difference”.


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