This is the campaign in Florida

Keep America Great: Trump supporters campaigning for the president in Ocala, Florida on October 16
Bild: DOUG MILLS/The New York Times/Re

Without a victory in Florida, Donald Trump can likely forget about a second term. For a long time it looked like the Republican was ahead. Now he has to add some more.

Dhe approach to Tampa opens up a glimpse of the American dream. To the north of the city on the Gulf of Mexico there is a row of housing developments: houses in the countryside, on long, curved streets, larger properties along the typical tropics, parks with small ponds, swimming pools, tennis and golf courses. The settlements are connected by highways with a shopping center every few miles.

Majid Sattar

Political correspondent for North America based in Washington.

The area is the beginning of the “I-4 Corridor”. The Interstate Highway, which divides Florida into north and south, runs from Tampa on the Gulf via Orlando to Daytona Beach on the Atlantic. The suburbs lie between the metropolises like an archipelago. The corridor is the fastest growing region in Florida. And in terms of electoral politics, it contains the fillet pieces of the state: This is where the courted swing voters who make the difference live. In Florida, presidential elections are always tight affairs.


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