This is the distribution of assets of Gono-gini Jenita Janet and Alief Hedy

Jakarta, Insertlive

Jenita Janet and her ex-husband, Alief Hedy today undergoing a trial for the verdict related to the property of gono-gini at the Bekasi Religious Court. The judge decided that the property of gono-gini was divided in half by division, Jenita Janet got three quarters and Alief got a quarter.

“Yes, the results were in line with our expectations, so the plaintiff finally got a quarter of the share,” said Yopi Enanda, Jenita Janet’s lawyer at the Bekasi Religious Court, West Java, Wednesday (6/10).

“Then one-fourth of this part is for Alif and three-fourths of this part is for our client,” continued Jenita’s other lawyer, Rangga Rikuser.

In the conference, gono-gini treasure it consists of a house, apartment and two luxury cars. However, there is one property that is not included, namely a house that is still on credit and is located in the Pondok Gede area, Bekasi, West Java.

“The miscellaneous assets proposed by Mas Alief in which our lawsuit was partially granted. This means that there are several objects that were not granted. That is in Bekasi, the judge’s reasoning is that the status of the house is still on credit at the BTN bank so it must be resolved, the conclusion includes assets together, the house is in Serpong, the second is the Gateway Pasteur apartment, the third is a Honda Civic, a Toyota Alphard with a Surabaya plate,” explained Marloncious S, Alief’s lawyer.

Marloncious said that Alief was disappointed because he only got a quarter of the share. Even so, he is still grateful that Harley’s motorcycle is not included in this lawsuit.

“Regarding the distribution, there is a slight contradiction. Because Mas Alief gets 1/4 while Mbak Jenita Janet gets 3/4, but there is one object that, in our opinion, thank God, is not an object of joint property, namely a Harley Davidson motorcycle,” concluded Marloncious.


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