this is the drama! The end for Deal done? She hadn’t anticipated this aspect!

Is Affaire Conclue threatened? In any case, its host Sophie Davant seems in turmoil. We tell you everything!

Sophie Davant in danger!

A unique concept of its kind

When Sophie Davant proposese Case Concluded at France 2, she believes strongly in her progress. Indeed, in France, people love above all to hunt and find good deals. This is why they tend to go to all the flea markets in France in order to find the missing piece in their collection. As for professionals, they wish to acquire rare objects, out of simple curiosity or in the hope of reselling them at a better price. Whatever happens, the connection between the two is essential. Therefore, what better than a television set to put them in touch?

Three seasons later, Sophie Davant is convinced that she made the right choice. As she sums it up, “cit is great to present a program enjoyed by the whole family, to entertain while educating.”Also, she knew how to surround herself with a shock team. Between a beautiful smile and Julien Cohen’s blue glasses and Caroline Margeridon’s expertise, everyone wants to meet them and offer them their finds. Moreover, the show is often the subject of giggles. Good humor is therefore largely there!

Watch out for this little detail!

Unfortunately, Sophie Davant hadn’t foreseen that she would fall into a gear. Its main mission is to entertain its audience. So she starts with “ask the questions he asks himself. ” Unfortunately, this epicurean had not planned to have a budget. In fact, at the rate things are going, her curiosity could ruin her. As she recognizes “lthe show starts to cost me dearly since I started buying things too”Invested in Case Concluded to the tips of her nails, the host would draw on her personal funds! How far will it go?

Fortunately, Sophie Davant knows that she can count on the support of her followers. Despite the complicated health protocol, more and more of them want to try to convince second-hand dealers. Moreover, pandemic obliges, transactions are no longer in cash but in transfers. As for the presenter, she will unfortunately have to chomp on the brakes and wait a bit before getting into the auction. We pity her. It’s hard not to crack and just make the connection between buyers and sellers. Unless she changes careers and decides to join the other side of the mirror? To be continued!

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