This is the inside of the most expensive mansion in the US: It has 21 bedrooms, 42 bathrooms, a 30-car garage and panoramic views of the Pacific.

It was built in Los Angeles and they say it is the largest house in the world. It has 10,000 m2 and a millionaire price.

It took almost a decade to make it, but real estate developers in The Angels They say the wait was worth it. “The most expensive house in the world” is for sale for the “modest” sum of $ 340 million.

The impressive mansion was built on a 20,000-square-meter plot in the select neighborhood of Bel-Air, in Los Angeles California. It has a living area of ​​10,000 square meters and has 21 bedrooms, 42 bathrooms and everything indispensable and unnecessary that can be imagined to live up to its name: “The One” (The One).

A white sculpture titled Unity by Mike Fields anchors the home’s foyer, which also features a custom white Murano glass chandelier. (Photo: courtesy Architectural Digest).

Among the luxuries of the house are: five pools, a 30-car garage with two turntables for vehicle displays, four bowling alleys, a beauty salon, a 50-seat movie theater and even a wing for receptions and charity galas with capacity for 200 people.

“The One” also has a 900 square meter terrace with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, downtown Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Mountains, according to the magazine Architectural Digest, who posted photos of the mansion.

The house reserved for guests. (Photo: Courtesy Architectural Digest).

The house was the work of the architect Paul McLean and decorated by the interior designer Kathryn Rotondi, at the request of the film producer and developer Nile Niami.

“This project felt exciting and at the same time intimidating,” said McClean, who tried to create “Something unique and spectacular.” “This project has been such a long and educational journey for all of us,” he noted. “It was approached with enthusiasm and it was exciting to create, but I don’t think any of us realized how much effort and time it would take to complete the project,” he said after eight years of work and the workforce of 600 workers.

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The mansion offers incredible views of the ocean, downtown Los Angeles, and the mountains. (Photo: YouTube / Content video capture).

The house is surrounded by a moat on three sides and “Seems to float over the city”, according Architectural Digest. “Water is something we use often in our design process because it allows for a sensory change that helps it adapt to its surroundings,” McClean explained.

Film producer Nile Niami in an introductory video for “The One.” (Photo: Youtube / Content video capture)

Together with Rotondi, they wanted to create a light and bright house, with a neutral color palette (gray, black and white) that allows incredible natural landscapes to stand out. The house has furniture from the main luxury brands and dozens of works of art.

As specified Architectural DigestDue to recently passed city ordinances, a home of this magnitude will never be built in Los Angeles again, meaning “The One” will truly remain unique.

One of the five pools at The One mansion in Los Angeles. (Photo: courtesy Architectural Digest).


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