this is the level of antibodies needed to protect against (re) -infection

Via a new French study, researchers from the Toulouse University Hospital have just revealed the level of antibodies necessary to protect against Covid-19.

Even if the majority of French people are now vaccinated, a question remains as to the level of antibodies necessary to remain protected against Covid-19. However, this question is no longer unanswered given that the Toulouse University Hospital laboratory has just announced in the results of a study that a minimal antibody level of 141 units / ml made it possible to protect against infection or reinfection.

The minimum level of antibodies to protect against Covid-19

Despite significant vaccination of the population and encouraging epidemiological indicators, the Covid-19 pandemic is not yet over. To succeed in signing a return to normal life, the French will have to be protected in the long term in order to avoid a comeback of the virus. In addition to the injection of a third dose to protect those most at risk, researchers from the Toulouse University Hospital recently wondered about the levels of antibodies necessary to protect against Covid-19, whether to avoid infection or reinfection.

Published in the scientific journal Journal of Infection, the study by the virology laboratory of the Toulouse University Hospital Center (CHU) was carried out on 8,758 employees of the health establishment between June and April 2021. Chloé Dimeglio, doctor in applied mathematics, points out in particular to The Dispatch : « We determined two cohorts, those of infected and vaccinated people, and that of people vaccinated without prior infection. ».

After analyzing the data collected, the researcher explains that the people who “ antibody levels below 141 units / ml of blood have a protection index of 12.4%. For those above 1700, there was no infection or reinfection. Between the two, the protection rate is around 90%, which means that they are 90% protected from an infection and a fortiori from a serious form. ».

Note, the study points out that 79.3% of those infected, but not vaccinated, had an antibody level below 141 just three months after their infection. This information would thus contradict a previous laboratory study, stipulating that the level of natural antibodies in infected people began to decrease only nine months after contracting Covid-19.

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