This is the magic diet that lost Diana Karazon 30 kilos of weight in a matter of weeks.. You will not believe what she was doing every night secretly and out of sight!!

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Jordanian actress Diana Karazon said that she tried to reduce her excess color, as she revealed the way she used to slim her body and lose excess weight.

After she weighed 87 kilograms, she was able to lose 30 kilograms to become 57 kilograms, and she was able to achieve this achievement after she underwent a gastric banding operation, in addition to the strong will of Curzon, given that the operation alone is not enough.

After a sleeve gastrectomy, she was able to lose a lot of extra weight and regained her agility, and after her marriage and her first pregnancy, she lost the extra weight during pregnancy and regained her agility after giving birth.

In her last appearances, Diana looked graceful next to her husband after giving birth, and this shows her interest in her grace and external appearance.

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