This is the real laptop these days, Asus ROG FLOW X16 GV601

Even if it’s not a new semester, the desire for a laptop doesn’t stop 365 days a year, even though it’s not really necessary. Wouldn’t this be sympathetic to anyone other than gamers? Also, there are constant standards for what you want. How is the performance, whether it is good for work, whether there is any problem in playing the game, whether it is light in weight, or has a design that is easy to take with you to a coffee shop.

In fact, looking back, laptops were nothing more than portable PCs for work for office workers on business trips, and considering the current generation standards for high-definition video work and image editing, it was a performance PC for work. As such, laptops of the past were nothing more than portable business PCs.

▲ I was curious, so I brought it, the first laptop Osborne 1 weighing about 11.1kg. Also the knife is right

However, in recent years, the laptop field has undergone many changes and is newly developing. It was a heavy weapon that would go on a diet just by carrying it, but the fortress was thin and light enough to fit in a briefcase, and even had good performance. Even if you put your gaming laptop in a cafe, there is no discomfort.

It has excellent portability due to its light weight and thin thickness, and its performance is high enough to be used as a main PC. From a touchpad that replaces a mouse to an all-in-one keyboard that catches heat, voice and gesture recognition are also supported these days. Among them, the Asus ROG FLOW X16 GV601 laptop to be introduced today is also worth paying attention to.

With a convertible form factor that can rotate 360 ​​degrees in a 2-in-1 format that is popular these days, you can freely move the hinge in tablet mode, stand mode, tent mode, etc. to use it as you like. In addition, RTX 3070Ti, Ryzen 9 6900HS mobile processor, and cooling technology that effectively catches heat from these high-performance parts are added, making it excellent not only for gaming but also for work.

Freely deformable! ‘Asus ROG FLOW X16 GV601’

▲ Asus ROG FLOW X16 GV601 product details

High-end performance and appearance

▲ The exterior of the box and the prefabricated (?) pedestal that can support the laptop

▲ Manual is included

▲ ? who are you

▲ Since it is a laptop with an additional touch screen, a touch pen is also included.

▲ Asus Touch Stylus Pen

▲ Power adapter

▲ Let’s take a look at the body shape

▲ A very neat appearance

▲ ROG FLOW engraved in the center of the notebook

▲ Again, looking at the back, ROG’s unique pattern has been added.

▲ Built-in N-Key rollover keyboard

▲ The arrow keys are ㅗ type! (I am not cursing)

▲ At the top of the keyboard, there are 4 hotkeys for using macro functions.

▲ Gaming laptops including Ryzen 6000 series and RTX 30 series

▲ The power key is attached to the side A guardian deity who protects our assignments…

▲ On the right side, there is a USB port and SD reader power button.

▲ On the left side, there is an XG mobile terminal for attaching external graphics, HDMI, Type C, and an audio terminal.

▲ Back of the body

▲ There are vents to dissipate heat

▲ Five heat pipes at the bottom prevent heat generation, and a dust filter is installed at the intake port.

▲ Shall we turn the hinge once?

▲ If you straighten the hinge, it bends 180 degrees.

▲ What? 270 degrees

▲ No, it can rotate up to 360 degrees

▲ If it’s a military pen, it’s like a type A tent.

Similar to the ROG FLOW X13 released last year, it is a convertible gaming laptop that folds up to 360 degrees by turning the screen backwards. The exterior has a luxurious ROG pattern, and the overall appearance is very neat.

The keyboard built into the laptop is an N-Key rollover keyboard, which defines how many keys can be pressed at one time in case of rollover. The original keyboard assigns input only to the key being pressed, and multiple keys can be input at once. So, it is easy to think of it as a common simultaneous input function. In addition, it has a hotkey with 4 macro functions on the top, and with a travel distance of 1.7m, you can use it without a lot of force.

The cooling performance cannot be neglected either. The ROG’s calculated body cutouts, Frost Force technology that directs air to the internal components to keep it cool, and the five Pulsar heatsinks on the bottom seemed to showcase the realities of a gaming laptop. The variable blade thickness cooling fan reduces turbulence and improves airflow efficiency to keep the laptop cool.

In spite of the saying, ‘Isn’t it noisy when you go in like that?’, 0dB ambient cooling and silent operation mode also caught noise.

‘Nebula’ HDR display, what is it?

▲ The red color is also expressed in detail.

▲ The expression of the dark part is also quite good.

▲ Green and blue are also clearly expressed.

‘Nebula’ display. If you listen to it like this, it seems like a new technology must be tightly integrated, but to put it simply, it can be said that the reference point of the display has been set. It’s also a mini LED. Based on FHD 240Hz or QHD and 4K resolution, a refresh rate of 120Hz or more, and a response speed of 3ms or less, DCI-P3 100% or more, Pantone certification, 1100 nits brightness or more, physical MUX circuit mounted, HDR support, etc. There are many standards to explain. However, in fact, just by looking at this content, wouldn’t it be proven that it is a reliable display?

The Nebula HDR display is also powered by AUO’s AMLED technology and ROG’s own backlight algorithm. It can reduce the blooming effect that appears in some HDR, and it shines even more when using multimedia contents with high density, which is a feature of mini LED.

Just looking at the photos, the vivid colors and various color expressions catch the eye. Still, some people may be curious about the display performance (mini LED) in the Asus ROG FLOW X16, so let’s check it out. It supports QHD quality, 165Hz refresh rate, 1100 nits brightness, 100% DCI-P3 wide color gamut and 100,000:1 contrast ratio, Pantone color certification and Dolby Vision HDR version. After all, the laptop is a touch-enabled touch screen panel, and Gorilla Glass3 protects it. Just by looking at the name, it is reliable. Gorillas are acknowledged

Not to mention the performance, see for yourself


Times Spy and Firestrike

▲ Time Spy Total 9,625 points

▲ A total of 23,201 points of Fire Strike

▲ I also checked the temperature during the benchmark.

Laptop with RTX 3070Ti and AMD Ryzen mobile processor 6900S. It uses DDR5 4800MHz RAM (32GB) and Windows 11 operating system, which is the perfect match, and M.2 SSD is 1TB. The benchmark was conducted simply with Time Spy and Fire Strike, and Time Spy scored a total of 9,625 points and Fire Strike scored a total of 23,201 points, which did not disappoint.

lost arc

The average frame rate is also properly selected.

▲ Now I can’t tell if I’m working or doing my homework

▲ Still, the homework begins always

▲ Even if there are many particles around, it does not fall below 60 frames.

battle ground

Would you like to play FPS games?

▲ Maintains 130~140 frames from waiting room to going down

▲ If you go down and look around, you can frame 90~100 frames.

▲ This shows a stable appearance even in battle

Console games are enough

Also supports wireless pad connection

▲ Used in tent mode

▲ As long as it can be mounted in any direction, you can use it in a form that is convenient for you.

Asus’ software

▲ MyASUS, the software built into the laptop, makes it easier to find detailed information about the laptop

▲ Files can be transferred easily

▲ Easy to apply laptop settings

▲ Amoury Create app that anyone who has used Asus products can understand

▲ Presets and settings that can be easily changed for each mode

▲ Games installed on the main body can also be recognized at a glance through the library

▲ Scenario profiles useful for specifying important system settings

Products that work flawlessly in various fields

▲ This is my limit, but if you mainly use a tablet, you can use the pen more usefully.

As a touchpad display, users who have used a tablet before will be able to use it more usefully with the Asus stylus pen.

To be honest, the line between a tablet and a laptop is blurring these days, but personally, I like this type of laptop quite a bit. For the writer who wants to use both, it is a product that has caught both rabbits. You can’t use a tablet as a laptop, but you can use a laptop as a tablet. You can freely change the shape according to the space, or you can use it more usefully depending on the work or content you want to do.

With high hardware and display performance, there is no problem with gaming or multimedia content, and it has portability and convenience. Asus ROG FLOW X16 GV601. If you are a user who is thinking about both a tablet and a laptop, I think it would be okay to think about it at least once.

▲ Hint: You can rotate the screen vertically, so make sure to use it (Source: YouTube M2)

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