This is the true story behind “The Boston Strangler”, the movie that sweeps Disney+

The true story shocked the United States due to the forcefulness of the crimes carried out by Albert deSalvo.

The Boston Strangler was one of the most feared people of his day.

One of the Disney+ premieres for the week of March 19 brings us a rather compelling true story. This is the film “The Boston Strangler”, a film that has quickly become popular top of the best stories of serial killers and psychopaths on streaming platforms. With an always stunning Keira Knightley, the movie is really entertaining and is causing a lot to talk about.

For this reason, today we are going to tell you what is the real story behind “The Boston Strangler”, a film that has garnered good reviews and which we should necessarily take a look at some weekend in which we have a dead time. .

The terrifying story behind “The Boston Strangler”

Albert DeSalvo was a murderer who began his adventures in the year 1962. For two long years she terrorized every woman in Boston. He sexually assaulted them by raping them and later murdering them. All this, sneaking into their houseswhich adds a plus of defenselessness in a place where women really felt safe.

There were a total of 13 victims, all single. They are mode of operation it was pretty tricky. He entered their homes with complete freedom and then reduced and abused them to later kill them by strangling them with a silk stocking or a rope around the neck of the victims. He pretended to be a maintenance worker.

It would be necessary to wait until 1964 for his capture. A woman he raped posing as a detective was able to identify it, for which he was arrested for rape. in the interrogations ended up confessing to the rest of the crimes. Although DeSalvo claimed to have been the murderer and was able to provide key details about the crimes, there was no conclusive DNA evidence, so he could only be accused and found guilty for sex crimes and theft charges. So he was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1967.

After an attempted prison break, he was stabbed to death six years later. There were always doubts as to whether he was the murderer or not, as some murderer profiling experts concluded that the crimes had been done by them. several people. However, DNA studies in the year 2000 practically confirmed that DeSalvo had been guilty of these crimes.

For his part, in the film we can see how they came to find the culprit of the murders. The protagonists are two women journalists who they carried out the investigation that found him guilty.

Currently “The Boston Strangler” is only available to watch on Disney+ since it is a self-produced film.

Watch “The Boston Strangler” on Disney+

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