This is what Al-Bizri revealed about the vaccination of age groups between 12 and 16 years

Dr. Abdel-Rahman El-Bizri pointed out that “the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration on the Pfizer vaccine indicates that this competent agency has evaluated the effectiveness and safety of this vaccine after using it on large numbers of citizens and ensuring its quality, efficacy and the proportion of side effects.”

He believed that “the conditional approval has turned into a normal approval, and this is what prompts us in Lebanon to ask Pfizer to prepare a new file to be submitted to the specialized scientific committees in the Ministry of Health in order to re-evaluate and approve this vaccine outside the framework of exceptional emergency cases, as is the case currently.” This has health, legal and administrative consequences.”

He stressed that “this new approval given to the vaccine is still related to the age group, which is between 16 years and above, and therefore any use of the vaccine in Lebanon for the age group between 12 and 16 years must be through Pfizer’s submission of an application to the scientific committees and the Department of Pharmaceuticals in Lebanon. The Ministry of Health to approve its use in this age group.

He concluded, stressing “the necessity of vaccinating citizens and residents of all age groups that can be given the vaccine, i.e. from 12 years and above, in order to raise the rate of societal immunity in Lebanon, in advance of the fall and winter seasons.”


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