This is what Daniela Ospina looked like when she was pregnant with Salomé 9 years ago

After two years of dating, the then couple married in 2010 and in May 2013 they welcomed their firstborn.

Four years later they announced that they were divorcing surprising many, since it was considered one of the most stable couples in the Colombian sports world.

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When the news about that separation was known, several versions of what caused it emerged. Some rumors pointed to the existence of a third party, and others to certain family differences.

Despite these comments, it was learned that the marriage ended because he had job projections in different placesand these did not allow them to continue together.

However, both have tried to maintain a good friendship for the well-being of their daughter. In fact, they still keep their photos together on their respective social networks that They show not only the love that united them, but also how they have changed physically over the years.

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Among the images that are still on their Instagram accounts, there are those captured during Daniela’s pregnancy between 2012 and 2013, when she was 21 years old.

From then until nowthe change of the athlete and businesswoman is very evident, but yes, for the better.

this is how it looked Daniela Ospina when I was pregnant with Salome

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