This is what his 14-year-old son Maurice Cassian looks like

A penetrating look, a cool pose on the executive chair – that’s how Dieter Bohlen is often seen at DSDS. Perhaps son Maurice has seen some things there. The genes, at least, are unmistakable.

The 14-year-old Maurice Cassian is Dieter Bohlen’s fourth child. His mother is Estefania Küster. The two separated in 2006 – a year after his birth. In the meantime, the relationship to Pop-Titan would no longer be denied: Maurice is slowly but surely becoming a young man and shows his father’s unmistakable features.

In his latest Instagram picture, Maurice poses casually on a classy armchair. He is wearing a Vikings team football shirt, baggy jeans and skate shoes. He looks cool into the camera.

Maurice has almost 10,000 fans on Instagram and almost 30,000 YouTube subscribers, whom he mainly provides on his “Cassz” channel with entertaining “unboxing” and skater videos. Admirable: almost all videos are recorded in perfect English.

The entertainment talent is also in the family

He also seems to have gotten the entertainment gene from his parents. After all, his mother is a dancer and has also made various television appearances. Dieter Bohlen has been known with modern talking in the music industry since the eighties and the face of the casting show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”.

Maurice lives on Mallorca with his mother, her husband Marcus Heidemanns and his three younger siblings.


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