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This is what the city Elon Musk wants to build on Mars could look like – Ouest-France evening edition

The project of a city on Mars does exist. His name: Nüwa. An architectural firm is currently working on the project. Developed under the leadership of billionaire and Tesla boss Elon Musk, plans exist. Here are the highlights.

Faced with global warming and the destruction of the Earth, Mars could well become the refuge of humanity. In any case, this is the idea supported by many, especially the American Elon Musk.

The American architectural firm Abiboo has been working for several years on a first Martian colony. This city on Mars project is led by the SONet network, an international team of scientists and academics.

The construction of this city could begin around 2054 for an installation from 2100.

Nüwa, the capital

These houses are futuristic… (Photo: Abiboo screenshot.)

This first city would be a set of five cities whose capital would be called Nüwa, from the name of a goddess protector of man in Chinese mythology. The idea of ​​building five different locations should allow residents to benefit from“Easy long-term access to resources” as well as “Mobility options, specifies the architectural firm Abiboo on its website. For example, Abalos City is located to the north to take advantage of the ice access. “

We also learn that Nüwa would be a city of 250,000 inhabitants, that it should eventually be self-sufficient thanks to sufficient resources on site, especially water. This is what the Abiboo agency explains: “After a short initial phase, relying on capital investments and supplies from the Earth, the system should be able to sustain its growth with local resources only. ”

Finally, to get to Mars, a regular shuttle service should be able to operate, with launch windows open every 26 months or so …

Accelerate the pace

Large greenhouses would find their place on the red planet. (Photo: Abiboo screenshot.)

Various visuals are already available where we can notably see “Macro-buildings” nested on the cliffs and linked by high-speed elevator systems.

There will also be walking areas to admire the landscape and places for recreation (sports, games, artistic and craft activities). But also large greenhouses to produce microalgae and areas for breeding pigs, chickens and fish.

There remains the thorny question of how to build this city of the future? By answering Internet users’ questions about Twitter, a few days ago, Elon Musk estimated that it would take at least 1,000 Starship spacecraft to deliver the materials, infrastructure and the first Martian settlers needed to build a self-sustaining city on Mars.

Travel and on-site development that would take at least 20 years given the distance to be covered, but also the fact that the windows of fire between Earth and Mars only open every two years.

But Elon Musk wants to accelerate the movement. The boss of SpaceX hopes that the construction of this first Martian base will take place before the end of the decade. Last requirement, the eccentric billionaire would like to base the economy of Mars on cryptocurrencies.

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