this is what the police allegedly discovered at their home

According to the first elements of the investigation, the couple called the police following an argument which had become heated. “There were no real blows, there was no strangulation, we are more about damage to objects,” said this source, adding that they were slightly injured.

The couple, who recently had a child, emerged free with a summons to the Bobigny Criminal Court for “violence by spouse with ITT of less than 8 days” at the end of November. Contacted by the French press, the lawyers for the interested parties refused to comment on the case, as did the two protagonists who, for the moment, have made no comment on this subject.

But the Parisian is today making new revelations about this affair: Aya Nakamura and her friends were allegedly threatened by Vladimir Boudnikoff with a firearm. They got scared and would therefore have called the police as a result. The neighbors had already called the police, by the way.

A search was carried out at Aya’s home and a dummy weapon, a rifle, 14,000 euros in cash and three feet of cannabis, were discovered.

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