This man has only two more attempts to remember his password and recover millions of dollars in Bitcoin

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He Bitcoin exceeded its historical maximum price a month ago when it reached a value of $ 20,000. Now it is closer to 40,000. Most Bitcoin holders are happy with estto evolution, but it is not the case of Stefan Thomas, a San Francisco-based German programmer who can’t remember the password for the USB drive where it keeps 7002 BTC.

According to him New York Times, a Thomas has two attempts left to enter correctly your IronKey drive password before its contents are seized forever: a bitcoin wallet that today would be equivalent to 263 million dollars. Secure drives of IronKey dan the user 10 opportunities to correctly enter the password, but Stefan Thomas lost a decade ago The document where had i written yours, and since then has tried eight of his combinations most used unsuccessfully.

Thomas received the 7002 bitcoins in 2011 as payment for having produced an animation video titled ‘What is Bitcoin?‘. That same year he lost the password, which almost made him crazy. “I would just lie on the bed and think about it,” says Thomas. “Then I went to the computer with a new strategy and it didn’t work, and I felt desperate again.”

Despite everything, Thomas continued to be interested in cryptocurrency and still maintains other wallets with “more bitcoins of those who would know how to spend ”. He also worked for Ripple, a startup that wanted improve the Bitcoin, and it was rewarded in the coin native of the company, known as XRP, qIt increased in value.

Regarding the USB drive of forgotten password, it’s found in an isecure installation –“will not say where “- if the cryptographers of the future discover new ways to crack complex passwords.


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