This mask closes when someone passes by

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Wearing a mask is protecting yourself and others from coronavirus contamination. An accessory that has become essential when it is impossible to respect the rules of physical distancing, but which is not very practical for easy access to the mouth.

Having a mask on your face has become an obligation in many places such as public transport, and highly recommended everywhere else. But there may be times when you need to access your mouth, for example to drink water. As summer arrives, the question will quickly arise for millions of people! Because of course, it is better to avoid removing your mask even for a few moments.

A complex mask for a simple function

The solution may be in the hands of Chen, a clever handyman, who has developed a protective mask with a hatch that opens to allow a straw to reach the mouth! And to provide the wearer with maximum protection, this hatch closes automatically when a person is near the wearer …

If the idea is simple, the development of this invention is particularly complex. Many electronic components were necessary to develop the mask: an Arduino, a Servo, a proximity sensor, microtubes, and obviously a 3D printer. And a lot of agility and precision to assemble the device, without forgetting the essential code … In exchange for this, the very robotic design will give the wearer a little air of Iron Man.

This mask is clever, but it has its faults: in addition to its particular appearance, it is heavy which will tend to tire the user. If you are interested, Chen provides all the information in his Patreon ($ 10 per month entitles you to all the files and details to design your own mask).


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