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Prime Minister Jean Castex, in Paris, January 7, 2021.

Symphony in Covid-19

Is he a prime minister or a conductor? Is he struggling with yet another painful question about the pandemic or is he beating the bar for his musicians? On this day of the press conference on the Covid-19, Jean Castex does not skimp on the effects of sleeves to play the little government music, almost making us regret that he does not carry a wand in his right hand, like the have been the conductors since a certain Guillaume-Alexis Paris inaugurated the practice in 1794… But Jean Castex was undoubtedly too happy to have found his glasses.

Lost view

If you missed the previous episode, remember that the Prime Minister’s glasses caused a stir during a press conference on December 3, presenting the government’s vaccination strategy. Before his speech, the Prime Minister frantically searched for his mount, lifting his notes and papers, feeling his pockets, even as it lay quietly on his nose. It did not take more to trigger a major buzz in which we refused to participate. In fact, it happens to us having Jean Castex under the eyes without seeing it.

Conduct deviation

A force of posturing, does Jean Castex end up convincing his listener? Hard to say, but he certainly managed to convince us of the imprecision of his outfit and his costume. The Prime Minister indeed presents in this photo a colossal collar gap, or a gap of several centimeters between the collar of the jacket and that of the shirt. Generous minds will say that it is the danger, in the heat of the moment, when you give of your person. Lucid minds will note that even at rest the Prime Minister is not always well dressed.

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Culture Club

At least the Prime Minister’s tie is in place … Even if we look carefully, we won’t find much to say about this club tie soberly tied with a four in hand, the most simple and elegant tie knot, no offense to the Stakhanovists of Windsor and other junkies. We will take the opportunity to recall that club ties are supposed to materialize membership in a restricted circle, and that the very first were developed in 1880 by the University of Oxford for its most athletic students. English models are striped from left to right.

King of spades

Above Jean Castex’s head hover two dangerously sharp, even downright threatening, shadows. The future will tell whether to be wary of it. In the present, we will content ourselves with specifying that these points traditionally come to rest on poles, the supports to which the flags are hung. Prestige poles, perfect for official ceremonies and other Covid-19 press conferences, are made of wood and measure almost 3 meters. Count around 200 euros for a beautiful model.

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