This method of food rebalancing is reimbursed at 100% by your mutual insurance company

All professionals say: weight loss is about 70% of food rebalancing and 30% physical exercise. Strategically speaking, you might as well bet on the highest percentage to achieve your goals!

Thus, food rebalancing is the most effective and the most sustainable way to lose weight: not only do we change the way we eat, but we also (ap) take good eating habits that remain anchored for a long time. But what if you can’t do it alone? If you don’t know where to start? Maïa Coach®, Have you heard of it ?

A proven food rebalancing method

Maïa Baudelaire’s coaching principle is as follows: from a personalized report evaluating your tastes and habits, a dietitian-nutritionist prepares you a food schedule for the week! This schedule tells you what you need to eat for the 3 daily meals – including snacks and drinks.

The good thing is that in the event of panic, loss of motivation, or misunderstanding on a particular aspect of your program, you can reach your coach 7 days a week: either by phone or via the system online chat, secure and accessible. A coaching method that pushes you towards autonomy, but never loneliness in the face of the magnitude of your challenges.

Food rebalancing reimbursed by your mutual

In addition to its formidable efficiency, one of the advantages of this method of food rebalancing is also its eligibility for reimbursements by the mutual. In most cases, the program is 100% refundable!

How do I know if my mutual fund supports the Maïa Coach® method?

There are two ways to find out:

  • You can call your mutual advisor and ask him for the amount of the reimbursement package for dietetic consultations.
  • You can also do this by mail or by post. You just have to download the quote and send the mail to your mutual organization.

If you are interested in this innovative method, you can request a free quote that you will only have to submit to your mutual!

Good things come to those who wait for. There is no such thing as a way to get results overnight. at least they don’t last for the long haul. Better small gradual changes than radical metamorphoses that fade as quickly as they happened!

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