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Barcelona, ​​Jun 28 (EFE) .- The Mobile World Congress (MWC) that starts this Monday in Barcelona constitutes a “great opportunity to give a message of tranquility to the markets”, since “everyone is aware” of this event as a “reference” of the return to the reactivation of the economy.

The director of the Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWCapital), Carlos Grau, has referred in an interview with EFE to this congress, which is held in Barcelona until July 1 and which is a great opportunity not only for the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Spain, but for the markets.

Everyone is watching this event as a “benchmark” for the return to a summer in which international flights are expected to resume, to reactivate the tourism sector, as well as other economic sectors.

With these global expectations, a new edition of Mobile starts this Monday after being canceled, one of the first events to do so, in February last year due to covid-19.

“We were the first to make responsible decisions at the time of canceling the 2020 event and we have been among the first to return to being present at an international event.”

With this, in this edition, which is held in a hybrid format, between face-to-face and virtual, it will be possible to “touch” technology, enjoy experiences and sign agreements between economic agents.

If in 2019, 109,000 congressmen were registered, and an economic impact of 470 million euros was recorded, in 2021 more than 30,000 attendees are expected, with an effect on the economy that will be announced later.

Meanwhile, we have our sights set on the next edition of Mobile, in February 2022, when it is expected to be held normally, with the vaccines already supplied and international flights restored.

For now until 2024, the Mobile will be held in Barcelona and Carlos Grau hopes that the city will be renewed as the venue “for many more years.” The economic impact of the congress is not limited to the days of the event but extends to the whole year, remember.

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He does not know if negotiations have been promoted for a renewal of Barcelona as headquarters beyond 2024: “That would have to be asked of the patrons” founders of the MWCapital, which are the State, the Generalitat and the Barcelona City Council.

“We have four editions ahead of us to continue positioning Spain as the capital of the world of mobile technologies, a great opportunity for our country and I think that one or two years before the deadline expires, the talks will begin,” he said.

Regarding whether they aspire for Barcelona to be a “permanent” headquarters, without going into details, he has stated that he detects “joy, complicity and commitment on the part of all the patrons” of the foundation both in moments of success, as well as in the toughest ones. have lived through the pandemic in recent months.

“I have seen a complicity and an interest that I think is unique. The GSMA – organizer of the event – always says that it has not found anywhere in the world this degree of complicity and commitment from institutions, from all public bodies and from everything the ecosystem in general around the project “, he pointed out.

In this way, he perceives that “all the contextual conditions are being met to gradually renew and maintain that world capital of mobile technologies that is so interesting to everyone”.

This year, tickets have been put on sale at 21 euros -a much lower price than usual- for Spanish professionals, which have had a favorable reception in a special edition, in which it is expected that the trend will be reversed and that the majority of face-to-face attendees are Spanish unlike on other occasions.

It is an edition in which they trust to see the “consolidation of 5G as an enabling technology for others” and in which holograms are expected to capture a good part of the attention, given the possibility offered by the congress to enjoy this technology with a 4K cabin, human-sized, which will allow an interaction between people and holograms, he explained.

The pandemic and mobility limitations have put technology at the center of the agenda and that will be noticed in the congress, he pointed out.

“We have seen an important jump and we will see a deployment of use cases. Many companies say that they have advanced in the last year what they would have advanced in five” under normal conditions.

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