This morning! Bangkok, the dust rate exceeds the standard in 28 areas

This morning! Bangkok, the dust rate exceeds the standard in 28 areas

On February 28, the Center for Coordination and Solution of Air Pollution Problems in Bangkok reported on the situation of particulate matter with a size of not more than 2.5 microns (PM 2.5) of the Bangkok Air Quality Monitoring Station (Bangkok) on Monday, February 28, May. 2022 at 7:00 a.m., the 24-hour average of particulate matter of size not more than 2.5 microns (PM2.5) measured 35-68 micrograms/cubic meter (mcg/cu.m.), found that it exceeded the standard. (Standard not more than 50 mcg/cu.m.) 28 areas are

1. Nong Khaem District, three intersections next to the police fort, Ma Charoen Road, Petchkasem 81: equal to 68 mcg/cu.m.
2. Khlong Sam Wa District Within Khlong Sam Wa District Office : equal to 62 mcg/cu.m.
3. Phasi Charoen District In front of Siam University (around Soi Petchkasem 36) University entrance : equal to 59 mcg/cu.m.
4. Minburi District, Chaloem Phrakiat Rama 9 Park, opposite the Min Buri District Office: equal to 57 mcg/cu.m.
5. Lat Krabang District In front of Lat Krabang Hospital, beside the police fort: equal to 57 mcg/cu.m.
6. Nong Chok District, in front of Nong Chok District Office: equal to 56 mcg/cu.m.
7. Bang Bon District, near Bang Bon Market: equal to 56 mcg/cu.m.
8. Thawi Watthana District Entrance to Sanam Luang 2 : is equal to 56 mcg/cu.m.
9. Bang Khun Thian District Within Bang Khun Thian District Office : equal to 56 mcg/cu.m.
10. Bang Sue District Within the Bang Sue District Office: equal to 55 mcg/cu.m.

11. Khlong Toei District Within the Khlong Toei District Office : equal to 54 mcg/cu.m.
12. Phra Khanong District Within Phra Khanong District Office : equal to 54 mcg/cu.m.
13. Bang Khen District, within the Bang Khen District Office: equal to 53 mcg/cu.m.
14. Wang Thonglang District In front of Esso gas station, Soi Ladprao 95: equal to 53 mcg/cu.m.
15. Prawet District, in front of Seacon Square Department Store: equal to 53 mcg/cu.m.
16. Nong Chok Garden, Nong Chok District: equal to 52 mcg/cu.m.
17. Pathumwan District In front of Samyan Mitrtown Department Store : equal to 52 mcg/cu.m.
18. Phra Nakhon District, within the Phra Nakhon District Office: equal to 52 mcg/cu.m.
19. Taling Chan District Phutthamonthon Sai 1 Road intersects with Borommaratchachonnani Road: equal to 52 mcg/cu.m.
20. Yannawa District Near Bank of Ayudhya Head Office : equal to 52 mcg/cu.m.

21. Khlong San District Area in front of the library under Somdej Phra Chao Taksin Bridge: equal to 51 mcg/cu.m.
22. Bang Khae District, within the Bang Khae District Office: equal to 51 mcg/cu.m.
23. Bangrak District, next to the police fort in front of the Bangrak Lovely Plaza : equal to 51 mcg/cu.m.
24. Bangkok Yai area at Tha Phra Intersection Wat Tha Phra Sub-district: equal to 51 mcg/cu.m.
25. Rat Burana District Within Rat Burana District Office : equal to 51 mcg/cu.m.
26. The area of ​​the fortress defeated In front of the Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board: equal to 51 mcg/cu.m.
27. Bangkapi District, next to the police fort opposite the Bangkapi District Office: equal to 51 mcg/cu.m.
28. Sathorn District, the intersection in front of the Sathorn District Office, Soi St. Louis Road: equal to 51 mcg/cu.m.

The air quality index of most Bangkok’s monitoring stations was at a moderate air quality level.

Summary of PM 2.5 measurement results
Time 05.00-07.00 (latest 3 hours)
Can measure 35-68 mcg/cu.m.
Average of Bangkok 48.3 mcg/cu.m.
PM2.5 values ​​tend to increase and are at a level starting to affect health in 28 areas, namely Wang Thonglang District, Pathum Wan District, Yannawa District, Bang Kapi District, Lat Krabang District, Phasi Charoen District, Bang Khen District, Bang Khun Thian District, Phra Nakhon District, Sathorn District, Khlong Toei District, Bang Sue District, Khlong Sam Wa District. Pom Prap Sattru Phai District, Phra Khanong District, Rat Burana District, Taling Chan District, Thawi Watthana District, Nong Khaem District, Bang Bon District, Min Buri District, Nong Chok District, Prawet District, Prawet District, Bang Rak District, Khlong San District, Bang Khae District, Bangkok Yai District, Nong Chok Park (Nong Chok District)

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