This octogenarian couple dance to keep in shape during confinement, the video is a hit – West France evening edition

Loneliness, feeling of going in circles, lack of activities … Confinement due to Covid-19 a un impact certain on psychological health. Like a snub to the vagueness to the soul that current circumstances can engender, Joseph and Sylvia, two octogenarians residing in Doncaster, au United Kingdom, decided to dance.

Dance to stay active, dance to find a little joy, dance quite simply to bring balm to the heart … In a video posted on TikTok by their daughter on January 8, 2021, we see the accomplice couple wiggling their hips on Hit The Road, Jack, the famous tube of Ray Charles.

The video, a real catalyst for good humor, now has nearly 18 million views!

“It shows that they love each other”

“The look they have, it shows that they love each other. “ The comments published en masse under the video are enough by themselves to measure the extent of the emotion caused by the dance steps of the elderly couple among Internet users. Because we must admit that it is a real lesson in life given by Joseph, 88, and his wife, Sylvia, 82, in this sequence soberly titled ” Hit The Road Jack, Ray Charles ».

In the video, filmed and posted on TikTok by their daughter Jackie, 60, we can observe the two lovers dancing on this indestructible tube with a lively rhythm, each wearing their own little personal touch: bare feet for the lady and smile from ear to ear. for Mr.

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Over 450,000 subscribers

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The couple’s adventure on TikTok began as their daughter worried that her parents, demoralized by the second lockdown imposed in the UK since early January, lack exercise and activity.

From their very first video posted to TikTok on November 28, 2020, where they are seen dancing to the song Cry To Me by Solomon Burke, Sylvia and her husband seem to have taken a liking to exercise.

Since then, more than 40 videos of this couple have been published. on the account of their daughter, who now has more than 450,000 subscribers.

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