This panties accident of a participant during her fitting!

The shooting of The queens of shopping is a race against time. Also, viewers will long remember Jade!

Top chrono, let’s go for the Queens of shopping!

Every minute counts

In Cristina Cordula’s show, woe to the one who does not follow the instructions. Indeed, the candidates must absolutely fit into the theme. To do so, they have a budget that must cover their clothing costs but also accessories and beauty. Also, since its first broadcast, viewers have been there. Everyone wants to know who will be favored by the Brazilian host. As for the rivals, they are behind the scenes and are far from being silent. They never fail to make the little comment that makes all the difference!

At the start of 2021, the week is special for Les Reines du shopping. Indeed, the production brought together the best beauty influencers to give them a prize. However, beforehand, they will have to confront each other on a difficult topic of the chic dinner. Right from the start, Jade rushed into the race with determination and motivation. Only the way in which she is going to go about it will surprise everyone. She accumulates little hiccups. How is she going to do if she wants to stand out from her comrades?

Attention giggles in sight!

First of all, Jade doesn’t do anything like everyone else. While her predecessors from Les Reines du shopping choose the jewelry after buying the outfit, she decides to start with this step. To the writing of Footix, we decide to give him the benefit of the doubt. After all, maybe she already has an idea of ​​what kind of clothes she wants to wear? Also, when she goes to the store, she takes care to respect barrier gestures. Unfortunately, his rush to the dressing room played a trick that no one will forget!

Pressed for time, the candidate of queens of shopping tries whatever comes to hand. Dress, pants, jacket… she is spoiled for choice. Only, she does not take the time to go to the end of her process. So when she tries on this blazer, she doesn’t immediately realize that she sees some of her clothes! In front of his post, one of his rivals of the day cried scandal “It’s not in the theme, we don’t want to see everything! ” Despite everything, Jade will recover at the last moment since she will find the dress of her dreams. Simple but effective, the participant’s tenacity ended up paying off. Indeed, this will bring him straight up to the first place of the podium! Well done !

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