This perfect Gillian Anderson and Helena Bonham-Carter impersonation is going viral

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A parody as fair as it is funny.

While the fourth season of The Crown has just been unveiled, the series is already being emulated around the world. Liz Hynes, a young American actress, meanwhile had fun imitating actresses Gillian Anderson (who plays Margaret Thatcher in the series) and Helena Bonham-Carter (who plays Princess Margaret during the 70s and 80s). In a short excerpt published on Twitter, the young woman has fun staging an imaginary dialogue between the two characters.

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And the result is hilarious. Special mention to the harsh and phlegmatic tone of Gillian Anderson to embody the Iron Lady. The character of Princess Margaret is also over-caricatured, and the strained relationship between the two characters is brilliantly staged. In charge of revenge, the actress indicates despite everything that she finished the fourth season in just one day, anyway!

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