This photo taken in Belgium fascinates internet users

Image: Instagram @ MichielPieters

Michiel Pieters, amateur photographer, left nothing to chance to achieve one of his best shots. The Limburger, who started photography in 2015, has already taken many photos of his travels around the world, but also pictures taken in Belgium. And it is precisely one of those photos taken “at home” that earned him the most “Likes” on Instagram.

“I have dreamed for a long time to take a photo of the moon with a person close to her”, says the young man. “For a few months I did the first tests with bad results”, he remembers. But after spotting a place that inspired him, and watching the weather closely, the artist achieved his goals.

Entitled “To the moon”, his photograph of the Vlooyberg tower in Tielt-Winge, in Flemish Brabant, impresses. We see the silhouette of a man who seems to touch the moon. To obtain this result, Michiel Pieters says he has “thought of so many details”. “I even brought a ladder that my friend could use as a platform to stand on”, he explains. All the behind-the-scenes details of this shot in its story.

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