This poignant and sad post by Jean-Luc Reichmann saddens internet users

In one of his latest publications, Jean-Luc Reichmann wished to pay tribute to the disappearance of a great artist. Indeed, this October 28, 2020, Coluche would have celebrated his 76 years. The famous host of TF1 therefore displays his sadness on the occasion of this fatal anniversary. 34 years ago, Michel Colucci, said Coluche, was leaving us. Motorcycle accident victim at Opio in the south of France, the artist’s death left a great void. Despite the years who spend many of his fans are still inconsolable. And Jean-Luc Reichmann seems to be one of those. Omnipresent on social networks, the presenter of 12 noon shots also seems nostalgic for the time when Coluche amused his audience. Do we need to recall what Coluche represented in the 80s?

Jean-Luc Reichmann

If there is one star who marked this era, it is him! Because the actor and humorist had a popularity that very few artists can claim today. Coluche was considered one of the most important figures in France. Each of his interventions was the subject of a real buzz. Even if this word did not exist during those years! All the rumors ran at about his disappearance. And even a murder had been evoked. Determined to change society, Coluche was very critical, especially towards political leaders. He even decided to run for president. Before finally deciding to retire. Even today, his admirers wonder what would have been the result of the ballot.

On his account Instagram, Jean-Luc Reichmann therefore has a thought for the great showman. On the occasion of this sad birthday, the dad of 6 children publishes a photo in memory of the man in the denim overalls. In addition to this publication, the host of TF1 adds a legend.Coluche would have been 76 years old today … I miss him ”Wrote Jean-Luc Reichmann. Obviously, the evocation of this disappearance marked the followers. Indeed, Internet users jumped at the opportunity to join in the emotion of the father of 6 children. With more than 20,000 likes and nearly 1,000 comments, fans of the artist quickly reacted in numbers to this tribute.

Among these, some were very touching besides ”From the height of my 28 years, I did not know him during his lifetime, but I would have liked so much that he was still alive for us to do to laugh (…) could one read from an anonymous. Proof that Coluche has Mark several generations, even since its disappearance. In the very long list of comments, another post was not without interest. Because it seemed to describe a feeling shared by many ” We miss all these artists who said what we mean out loud and all that in humor! We still have a few, but they can be counted on the fingers of one hand ”Wrote a fan of the artist. Obviously, this message, posted by Jean-Luc Reichmann, did not leave his fans indifferent. And a large number of them joined in his obvious emotion!

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