This science fiction universe has big ambitions. A Destiny 2 competitor is coming soon, and that’s not all

2023-09-22 17:25:02

Game News This science fiction universe has great ambitions. A Destiny 2 competitor is coming soon, and that’s not all

Published on 09/22/2023 at 7:25 p.m.

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A science fiction universe is destined to expand or risks folding in on itself. One video game in particular regularly pushes the boundaries of its lore with new projects, sometimes cross media, but also video games. In 2023, the studios responsible for an MMO with 10 million players tend to diversify their activities. A shooter (FPS) competing with Destiny 2 has just been announced as well as a strategy game intended for mobiles.

This isn’t the first time EVE Online has dabbled in other game genres. In the past, CCP Games launched with varying degrees of success the FPS Dust 514, several mobile titles, a board game as well as the space shooters EVE Valkyrie and EVE Gunjack. A television series was even mentioned in 2013 before completely disappearing from the radar screens. We are now in 2023 and the EVE Online universe seeks to attract new players, interested in other genres, shooting games in the first place, but not only.

The EVE Vanguard shooter

During the Fanfest 2023 keynote, CCP Games unveiled a brand new First Person Shooter set in the ever-evolving universe of EVE Online. Developed under Unreal Engine 5, EVE Vanguard is defined as an online multiplayer first-person shooter with a “sandbox” dimension. In fact, it is an autonomous module designed to appeal to FPS players and other science fiction fans who do not necessarily have the time or desire to delve into a game as complex as EVE Online.

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EVE Vanguard is a PvEvP experience (Player versus environment versus Player) independent of EVE Online, even if many links and synergies are and will be put in place through updates and content additions. Skirmishes will, for example, have an impact on the evolution of the conflict between pirates and empires in the MMO. This shooter invites you to become a clone and take up arms on the different planets of New Eden alone or with a squad in order to fulfill various contracts given by the factions that govern EVE Online.

As a mercenary, your successes result in obtaining new equipment and weapons, as well as an increase in the power of your avatar (which otherwise differs from that of EVE Online). Survival and cooperation are also at the heart of the fun experience imagined by CCP Games. Leaving a planet again will not be smooth, but the rewards will be worth the risks involved. Indeed, dying on the battlefield can mean losing much more than just your mercenary clone. The citizens of New Eden have been warned.

EVE Vanguard will be released on a date still unknown on PC. A first test will be carried out in December 2023 with certain elected officials selected from among the Omega players of Eve Online.Register on EVE Vanguard

The strategy game EVE: Galaxy Conquest

After EVE: War of Ascension and EVE: Echoes, CCP Games is still eyeing the mobile market and intends to once again bring its universe to smartphones. EVE: Galaxy Conquest is a large-scale strategy game, completely independent of EVE Online, which invites Capsuleers to conquer the territories of New Eden on smartphones. This 4X developed by CCP Shanghai offers players a clever mix of space exploration, epic clashes, resource management and diplomacy. The ingredients that made EVE Online successful are thus found in this Galaxy Conquest whose soft-launch (release limited to certain countries) will take place at the end of 2023 on iOS and Android before later incorporating the rest of the world.

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