This series about teenage unease pissed off Taylor Swift

Ginny & Georgia was recently talked about on social media because of a tweet from Taylor Swift, rise against the series of Netflix. If the singer did not appreciate a joke about her in fiction, Télé-Loisirs still tells you why the series is worth it!

Ginny & Georgia, the nice surprise that I am delighted not to have seen coming! Honestly, learning about the arrival of this new series on Netflix, I was not thrilled more than that. Especially since the American press, and the heroines themselves, did not hesitate to compare her to Gilmore Girls, one of my favorite series. It was therefore difficult for me to imagine that this fiction for teens was at his level. After viewing, I understand why the comparison was made, especially since it focuses on the complicated relationship between a mother and her daughter, but don’t get me wrong, the comparison ends there. Ginny & Georgia is not a new one Gilmore Girls, And that’s good !

What are you talking about Ginny & Georgia on Netflix?

Ginny Miller (Antonia Gentry), a self-righteous teenager, often feels more mature at fifteen than her 30-something mother, the petulant and irresistible Georgia Miller (Brianne Howey). After years on the run, and a marriage that ended in the death of her husband, Georgia aspires to only one thing, to settle down definitively in the city of Wellsbury to offer to her daughter and her son, Austin , which she never had: a normal life. But things get complicated when the young woman’s past threatens their new life … Regardless, Georgia will do anything to protect her family.

Ginny & Georgia on Netflix is ​​way deeper than it looks and deals with adolescent discomfort

Obviously, Ginny’s relationship with Georgia is central to the series. Having had her daughter at the age of 15, Georgia learned to fend for herself and use whatever means she can to create a better life for herself and her children. To the point of going as far as murder? This is a point that will be addressed in the fiction … But the relationship between the two heroines is ultimately not always in good shape. If Georgia is ready to do anything for her daughter, she doesn’t hesitate to hide her past from her and lie to her, thinking it’s for her good. Because of all these lies, there will be a split between mother and daughter. Because Ginny doesn’t feel good about herself and has trouble finding her place. If the relationship between the two heroines is interesting, it is not the treatment that I preferred in fiction.

Through Ginny, and her new friends at her school, I liked how many difficult-to-talk but important topics about adolescence were brought up. If this band of friends, who call themselves the MANG, seems to be welded on the surface, it is only an illusion since they are all going through personal problems. Maxine (Sara Waisglass), always cheerful and assumed homosexual appearance, has trouble finding the one who wants her and it weighs her down. Abby (Katie Douglas), who, over the course of the episodes, will feel excluded from the lives of her friends, will try somehow to make them understand that she is not doing well. Ginny, feeling out of place nowhere, doesn’t hesitate to hurt herself physically to forget her pain. Will their friendship resist? I let you discover it.

Taylor Swift didn’t like a joke about her at all in Ginny & Georgia and stepped up to the plate

There will obviously also be stories of the heart. Attracted by Marcus, Maxine’s brother, Ginny will nevertheless attempt a relationship with Hunter (Mason Temple), a young man who is perfect in every respect according to his criteria. On Georgia’s side, she too will have the right to her love triangle, or even more. I’ll let you discover his suitors, but I won’t hide from you my little preference for Joe (Raymond Ablack), the owner of the café in the town where everyone goes. Yes Ginny & Georgia In the end, she wants to be deeper than it seems in the subjects she discusses, she is also funny, entertaining and wacky, especially thanks to Georgia and her madness. If the fiction is certainly not a masterpiece and the ending disappointed me a bit, I still enjoyed the series.

She also makes numerous references to pop culture from series, cinema and music. It is moreover because of a sentence pronounced by one of the characters of the series with regard to Taylor Swift, that the singer was indignant. “Hey Ginny & Georgia, 2010 called and she wants her lazy, deeply sexist joke back. What if we stop degrading hardworking women by defining this shit as funny?“, wrote Taylor Swift on Twitter. The sentence in question in the series is: “You go from one man to another faster than Taylor Swift.

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