This small electric boat equipped with foils gives the sensation of flying on water

Julien Moutarde, French Youth team in Nacra 17, from the Grande Motte training center (FFV and Occitanie Region) on the Overboat – Neocean

  • The Neocean company has created the Overboat, a catamaran that “flies on water”.
  • Equipped with four foils, this machine works with an electric motor.
  • It does not pollute, and does not make any noise, thus respecting the marine fauna.

Maybe you saw this amazing racing car crisscrossing the coasts Héraultaises. The
start-up Montpellier
Neocean has designed a small one-seater electric catamaran, which gives the impression of flying above water: once it has “taken off”, only its four foils and its legs remain in the water. The hull rises.

This invention, which looks like a jet ski, won the Grand Prix for innovation and for intelligent and sustainable mobility in February. Inn’Ovations contest carried by the Occitanie region, facing 220 contenders. But what is this machine, marketed for around 26,000 euros? “It is difficult to name something that does not exist, smiles Vincent Dufour, the founder of Neocean. Rather, I can tell you what it is not. It is not a jet ski, because we are not leaning on the water, we are above. It is not a boat either, because we do not fit inside a hull, we are like sitting on a saddle. It’s an Overboat. “

Camille Rigaud, French Youth team in Nacra 17, from the Grande Motte training center (FFV and Occitanie Region) on the Overboat – Neocean

“A feeling of freedom and respect”

It is moreover this brand, a nod to its distant cousin, the hoverboard, that the Hérault entrepreneur uses to market his invention. Biologist and oceanographer, Vincent Dufour, passionate about the marine environment, wanted to develop, with researchers from the University of Montpellier, a tool that has no environmental impact. “I have always been frustrated not to find something that is light, practical, easy to handle and that does not pollute”, continues the entrepreneur.

The Overboat, equipped with an electric motor, thus emits absolutely no pollution, and does not even make any noise, thus respecting the marine fauna, constantly disturbed by the passage of motorized vehicles. “The hull is not in the water, we don’t even leave a wake behind us, we have no impact on the marine environment,” notes Vincent Dufour. When you are on the Overboat, you have an incredible feeling of freedom, but also a feeling of respect. From the sea, and from others. “

With this new kind of boat, 3 meters long and around 100 kg (about half the weight of a jet-ski), the young Hérault company intends to “democratize access to water”. A single, simple command allows you to accelerate and steer the machine. Without a license, it climbs up to 15 knots, the average speed of a water ski, and allows you to “fly” up to 10 km from the coast. “This allows you to go fast enough to have fun,” continues its creator. To have the feeling of flying. “

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