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It is often said that the objective of punk was to demolish all of the above to implant a new order, but it is a fat lie: groups like the Ramones, the Undertones and the Buzzcocks had the master formula to make pop, with round songs that combined caramel melodies and energetic guitars. A ‘playlist’ with these three bands is ideal to enliven any environment (be it a wedding dance, a conference of scientists or a quarantine due to coronavirus), but, as you have to choose, we will stick with the great third-party classic: «Have you ever in love with whom you shouldn’t have fallen in love? », the Buzzcocks ask us in this irresistible hymn.

Wednesday, March 25
Prefab Sprout – ‘The King of Rock’ n ‘Roll’

Olatz Hernández

Optimism in vein. You will soon discover yourself singing this catchy chorus that seems to have been composed on the twenty-fifth day of isolation: “Hotdog, Frog Leaping, Albuquerque.” To escape reality, sometimes, it is best to embrace madness. Pistachio.

Tuesday, March 24
Queen – ‘Somebody to love’

Why Queen? Because more than songs they make hymns, because they are like a morning coffee shot, because they make euphoria emerge and because, as one of my coworkers defends, they make the ideal music to mop up at home on a Saturday morning.

Monday, March 23
Izal – ‘The woman in green’

Julia Fernandez

Julia Fernandez

The woman in green, by Izal. For Encarni and his people. We will stay home for you. We will win this war for you.

And in case you want more, here is a playlist to keep your spirits up.

Sunday, March 22
Nacho Vegas – ‘How to Crack’

Gonzalo de las heras

Gonzalo de las heras

What better time than this to listen to an apocalyptic song? The good thing is that after hearing it, you look out the window and, well, it could be worse.

Saturday, March 21
Supertramp – ‘It’s raining again’

Iñaki Judge

Iñaki Judge

I love Supertramp and would recommend any of his songs. But there is one in particular that seems to me one of the most suitable for raising spirits during the time of confinement due to the coronavirus. It’s Raining Again, it is not a sad song despite its title. On the contrary, it is one of the most joyous of the British symphonic rock group that swept the music charts during the 70s. Impossible not to hum it or feel a little happier after listening to it. Medicine for the heart.


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