This stray dog ​​has become a real star in Missouri for a very moving reason – Hero

This stray dog ​​has become a real

And the reason for his fame is as surprising as it is moving. ike is definitely not a normal dog!

In the small town of Ironton, Missouri (United States), a stray dog ​​has become a real star. So much so that the locals even gave him a first name: Ike. And, if Ike has become the darling of the city, it’s for a surprising reason. In fact, every day, the dog goes to the same road intersection, and lands in the middle of the lanes to beg for food from motorists.

A large sign placed near where he gives alms

A profitable strategy since the drivers do stop to feed it. The animal is not fussy and eats almost everything … except hotdogs which don’t seem to be its cup of tea. Ike has become so famous that a large yellow sign with his likeness is placed where he begs to encourage motorists to slow down.

Ike even made the headlines on WTOL 11 on April 13, 2021.

A Facebook page gathering many fans was also created for him and t-shirts with his effigy are on sale there. No doubt, Ike has become Missouri’s most famous dog!

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