This Swedish island which reopens its barracks in the face of the Russian threat

REPORT – The unprecedented increase in the military budget voted on Tuesday by the Nordic kingdom, which intends to fight against the incursions of its neighbor, will allow former garrison towns to regain their regiment.

Visby (Gotland Island) and Stockholm

For almost two years, in Visby, the firing range of the former Panzer 18 barracks has been resounding with automatic rifle bursts again. With their AK-5 in hand, Alfred and Axel continued the shots lying down and standing, fifty meters from their target. One is from Stockholm, the other from Norrköping, and both have chosen to do their military service. “You are fed, housed, paid 500 euros per month plus 5000 euros at the end of the contract … It’s not bad to start in life», Congratulates Alfred. The two have given up on the comfortable routine of the Swedish student, to get up at 5.30 am every morning, and participate in maneuvers that strongly marked Axel: “During one of them, we did not eat or sleep for two days, but I have no regrets. We learn a lot of things that will allow us to be useful to the community, later

After a seven-year hiatus, Sweden decided to reinstate military service in 2017 and hosted

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