This terrible accident which cost him the use of his legs, and could have changed his life forever

Stéphane Plaza is not the type to complain. On the contrary, he always finds an opportunity to smile back to life. Best of all, he only seems really happy when everyone around him is happy too. And he can go to great lengths to make his smile communicative. With his audience as with his colleagues or relatives, Stéphane Plaza is a real ray of sunshine. His stripping humor can make everyone agree. On the other hand, it should not be doubted that it is also serious when it is necessary. Sometimes even so perfectionist that he can break the feet of his colleagues at work.

His high standards, like his sense of humor, are essential qualities of his personality. Indeed, without them, it would not be the same. Also, it is certainly the stages of his life that led him to develop these famous facets of his character. However, in life, no one can boast of never having encountered difficult times. And if the pains and sorrows are relative and subjective, the readers ofObjection will admit that those encountered by Stéphane Plaza are particularly trying. Indeed, the most famous real estate agent in France almost lost the use of his legs. It takes a lot of courage and strength of character to face such a situation. Find out how it went for Stéphane Plaza, he explains everything at the microphone of Anne Roumanoff on Europe 1.

Stéphane Plaza spent a long time in a wheelchair, unable to use his legs

Stéphane Plaza prefers to see life on the bright side and this is successful for him. Well, not always, whatever happens to find its account in the end. Indeed, it is this strength of character which is unique to him that is revealed when he has his domestic accident in 1998. With both legs broken, he does not yet know how he will manage to walk again.

Mishaps are common for this awkward, unlucky one he says he is. In spite of everything, these are qualities because the roughness of his personality obviously makes him terribly endearing.

“Exceptional! When I tell you that I have no luck at least once a day !! (…) This morning blood test on an empty stomach! Usually one bite is enough! But when the vein explodes and the needle breaks at the same time, inevitably. Fortunately I have two arms… ” he wrote on April 15 on his Instagram account with photos of him in bad shape.

But Stéphane Plaza makes a point of honor to stay positive. In any circumstance, he sees the glass half full and even encourages his fans to do the same. A great life lesson, Objection grant it to you.

“Happiness comes from paying attention to little things, unhappiness from neglecting little things.” A quote from Liu Hiang that PAF’s most famous real estate agent shared on his Instagram account. A hymn to life and the beauty of it, whatever the difficulties.

A terrible ordeal from which he was able to recover, both literally and figuratively

On the waves of Europe 1, Stéphane Plaza returns to a chilling anecdote. This story, few people know it, Objection agrees. And it is perhaps because the past is of little interest to the star who prefers live day by day. “I was told I would have difficulty walking. They called me the count of Peyrac ” he explains to Anne Roumanoff.

“I broke both legs” following a fall from several meters high. A domestic accident which occurred in 1998 and which taught him to live in a wheelchair. All with bleak forecasts from doctors who felt he would have a hard time walking again. But, “After eight operations, I limp a bit. But it doesn’t show when I’m hot ” declares Stéphane Plaza. Anne Roumanoff then asks him if it is because of this that he is of such a cheerful nature. And indeed, it is this incident that allows Stéphane Plaza to demonstrate a grandiose capacity for relativization and extraordinary hindsight.

“I think you have to be Epicurean, because everything can stop overnight. This is how I live it. So I get up, I’m in a pretty good mood and I tell myself that it can be the last day. So be careful, I am not pessimistic! But I want to bite into life and enjoy it. Its important to me” he concludes.

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