This Tesla Model 3 gets rid of a good accident with a clueless BMW

On more than one occasion we have seen how the drivers of Tesla has boasted of technology Y security in the day to day that has saved them from more than a scare. Normally the Autopilot and the TeslaCam, able precisely to immortalize all those events are those that take all the merits but in cases like this, a driving which in extreme situations also seems to respond very well even when the driver still has full control of the car.

The driver’s hands and attention also matter

A driver named Juan Sorrel, owner of a Tesla Model 3 Performance who managed to avoid a good accident because of a BMW very clueless. In fact he wanted to show one, but two videos currently recorded with the TeslaCam in Youtube.

In it you can see how the BMW parked on the right reverses without even looking and realize all the cars that are coming, to later start the normal march invading the left lane in which the Tesla is, surely without having even looked. Fortunately Juan Sorrel could react in time for avoid a possible accident which is even more appreciated in this second video.

A management worthy of a “dream”

The funny thing is that this time the Autopilot of the Tesla Model 3 did not come into operation at any time, but it was all credit to the driver. Of course, Sorrel, made it clear talking to InsideEVs that the Model 3 has a management “like in a dream”in fact points out that during this maneuver to the limit the wheels didn’t even squeak. Not everything was going to be bragging about automatic pilots and other driving assistants.


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