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Engels Alfredo Medina Araque

Germán Rojas arrived in Venezuela in March, began working with Stud MM, with them he achieved 12 wins, nine of them in the second meeting. July 31 was the last time he presented copies of that Stud and since then he has not presented any more.

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In a telephone interview, the trainer confessed that he received copies of two Stud. “On Friday I received 18 horses from the Stud Adag Atlethum and yesterday, Monday, the Stud El Centauro also gave me 18 thoroughbreds, a total of 36 horses that I have under my command right now.”

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Rojas confessed that of the 18 horses from Stud El Centauro, there are six two-year-old colts that have just arrived from dressage, while there are no two-year-olds from Stud Adag Atlethum.

It is imperative to remember that Rojas won the 2020 and 2021 statistics at the V Centenario racetrack in the Dominican Republic.

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