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This transparent iPhone 14 reveals its internal components

by archyde

Someone had fun modifying the glass back of l’iPhone 14 to make it totally transparent. Images of this original concept have just surfaced on the web, without it being known precisely how their author proceeded to achieve such a result. We can nevertheless assume that it was necessary to disassemble the chassis using a pentalobe screwdriver, at least.

The result is quite striking. To begin with, we can see the imposing driver which allows MagSafe charging. Arriving with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, this allows you to power the mobile without having to plug it in via the Lightning port, with a maximum power of fifteen watts. The iPhone 14 Pro also has it.

Successful design right under the hood

With this, it is easy to notice the battery on the left of the iPhone 14 when it is seen from behind. This offers a capacity of 3 279 mAh compared to 3,240 mAh with the iPhone 13, for up to twenty hours of video playback endurance according to the manufacturer. In audio streaming, Apple even ensures that the iPhone 14 can last eighty hours, which can be verified with the screen off.

Overall, we also note that all the parts are quite well arranged, recalling the internal layout of other Apple equipment such as its MacBook Air or Apple Watch. Precision down to the last detail and therefore not limited to the external appearance of the products, which has been underlined by the specialized media for several years now.

No user manual

If you want to try to reproduce the experience at home, however, know that Apple now markets its own kits to repair an iPhone, for around fifty euros rental. Better to go through this solution, which is certified by the American firm and offers less risk of breaching the warranty.

The iPhone 14 costing all the same 1 019 euros in its basic version with 128 GB of internal storage, it is better not to tempt fate. Especially since AppleCare + insurance does not always cover damage caused by the user, which also comes at a certain price.

iPhone 14 128 GB at the best price Base price: €1,019

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