This walking technique is radical for your health!

It’s no surprise to anyone, walking has many benefits. It is not for nothing that the Ministry of Health recommends taking 10,000 steps a day. Stress relief, endurance enhancement, weight control, as specified Version Feminawalking is ideal for taking care of your health.

Zoom on walking backwards

Moreover, an alternative to this practice also has many benefits. This is walking backwards. Yes, you read that right ! According to Jack Mc Namara, lecturer in clinical exercise physiology, and member of the University of East London, this physical activity improves stability and balance, but not only. Walking backwards also helps challenge the brain. According to the specialist, walking backwards causes us to take shorter and more frequent steps, which improves muscular endurance in the leg muscles while reducing the load on our joints.”

For the more dynamic and adventurous, walking backwards has been extended to “retro-running”. A way to do good to your muscles: “Running backwards increases the strength of crucial muscles involved in straightening the knee, which impacts injury prevention and our ability to generate power and athletic performance. Jack Mc Namara.

As reported Version Femina, this walk also significantly reduces back pain. Another advantage and not the least: this activity facilitates weight loss. Walking backwards, the energy expenditure would be 40% higher than walking at the same speed forward. You know what you have left to do. Even if, we grant you, it takes a little practice…

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