This Walloon teacher refuses to be vaccinated: “If I am forced to do so, I resign”

After a school year characterized last year by many distance courses for a large part of secondary school students, this September start-up will be 100% face-to-face everywhere and for everyone. However, given the lower vaccination rate in Brussels, the authorities have – and this is a first – decided to apply differentiated health measures in schools in Wallonia and Brussels.

Thus, in the capital, secondary school students and teachers will be forced to wear the mask all the time when they are indoors, while their colleagues in Wallonia will be able to remove it when they are seated in class.

“I refuse to be vaccinated”

In Wallonia, the mask is therefore no longer imposed at school. But could the obligation of vaccination for teachers be applied one day like in New York? This hypothesis worries a Walloon teacher, who spoke in C’est pas tous les jours dimanche. She wishes to remain anonymous.

If this decision ever happens, she plans to quit her job. “I refuse to be vaccinated (…) I am ready to resign“, said the woman.”If I put my own risk-benefit balance, I have more risks with the vaccine. I am not obese, I do not take medication, I eat well, I take vitamins“, she launches. The teacher confides to have had the covid in March 2020.

Several people around her are vaccinated and she thinks she is one of the few in her profession to refuse vaccination. “But it’s my choice“.

The response of the Minister of Education

Compulsory vaccination? Caroline Désir, Minister of Education of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, explains that it is the ministers of health who must decide with the vaccination task force. “They have to decide on the strategy. It does not only arise at school level ” but also “for caregivers“, she says on the set of It’s not every day Sunday. But she specifies “that we are not there (…) the question is not on the table of the Minister of Health“.

Caroline Désir adds, however, that in order to be able to relax the measures, which are still very strict, the vaccination rate must be increased, especially in Brussels. “Things are going pretty well in Wallonia, but we have to catch up in Brussels. I think there is still a lot of convincing work to be done“, said the minister.

She believes that it is also necessary to be able to respond to young people, because sometimes fake news is spread on social networks in relation to vaccination. “We must provide a medical and scientific response to young people“.

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