This Warzone cheat improves the TTK of the Cooper Carbine

. Last updated: Jul 31, 2022

The YouTuber of Warzone IceManIsaac outlined a simple trick to instantly upgrade the Cooper Carbine Assault Rifle, revealing that a certain type of ammo dramatically improves Time To Kill (TTK).

Warzone Reloaded Season 4 launched on July 28, bringing yet another shake-up to the battle royale meta and, barring any surprises, ending NZ-41’s dominance with a heavy nerf.

As a result, dedicated Warzone players are on the hunt for the next dominating weapon, and while only one Cooper Carbine attachment received an upgrade, Vanguard’s Assault Rifle could go meta thanks.

In a July 29 YouTube video, Warzone expert and content creator IceManIsaac described his favorite loadouts following Reloaded’s adjustments. Among the Armaguerra and the Marco 5, he pointed out how to instantly upgrade the Cooper carbine.

IceManIsaac reveals a trick to improve the TTK of Warzone’s Cooper Carbine

Almost every class in Warzone uses ammo “elongated”an accessory that increases ball speed at no cost to the user.

However, the Cooper rifle has another option: the ammunition “tablets”. Instead of targeting bullet speed, they improve the rate of fire, bringing it up to 968 bullets/minute instead of 800 (depending on the exact set of attachments used).

The result is a significant improvement in TTK, which puts it among the best weapons in the game on that particular criteria.Compressed ammo makes the Cooper significantly better than all of its opponents”did he declare. “It adds a bit of recoil but it’s completely negligible…it’s by far my favorite gun for solos.”

The full Cooper Carbine class recommended by Isaac is detailed below:

  • Bouche : MX silencer
  • Canon : Cooper Custom 22″
  • Glasses : SVT-40 PU glasses 3-6x
  • Crosse : Custom Quilted Cooper
  • Cannon accessory : Garde-main m1941
  • Charger : Drum magazines for 60 rounds of 9mm
  • Ammo type : Compressed bales
  • Rear handle : Hatched handle
  • Asset : Firm handle
  • Asset 2 : Fully charged

Since the AR’s base rate of fire is already high, players should definitely choose the 60 round magazines to minimize reloading and stay in the action for as long as possible.

If you have trouble controlling the recoil, you can stick with the extended version, but if you get a good shot, the compressed ammo will kill as quickly as possible.

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