This was the “Colossal Wedding” between Pato Araujo and Zudikey Rodríguez in Exatlón

Patricio Araujo and Zudikey Rodríguez, two athletes in marriage photo: Instagram

Heroes and Titans met on the beaches of the Exathlon to witness the wedding of Patricio Araujo and Zudikey Rodríguez. The broadcast of the event began at 6:00 p.m. (Central Time) on Azteca One.

Viewers were waiting for the transmission of “The Colossal Wedding” so as not to miss any detail. However, the ceremony lasted less than expected. In less than 10 minutes the couple gave their marriage vows to give each other the yes of eternity.

What caused controversy was that the pre-wedding coverage lasted so long and that the ceremony was so short, and it was not an ordinary wedding, since the only attendees were the same participants Exathlon, friends of the bride and groom, and the conductors Antonio Rosique, Penélope Menchaca and Mónica Castañeda.

Most of the spectators expected that at the end of the love vows they would transmit the celebration party, or at least appreciate the moment of the launch of the bouquet, but it did not happen. Reactions on Twitter were not lacking, where the memes were the first thing that came out at the end of the special broadcast.

Wedding spectator reactions (Twitter screenshot)
Wedding spectator reactions (Twitter screenshot)

The ceremony started when Patrick loliger, former athlete Exathlon, arrived at the beach, greeted the couple and gave them the surprise that he would be the judge who would unite their lives in marriage. When the couple were planning their wedding, it seemed like a good idea for their friend Patrick to marry them.

Patrick began with a speech that moved the audience. He asked the bride and groom to take their respective glass of sand, Pato sand blue and Zudi sand pink. He explained that marriage was like those two jars, that once they were put together they would be one. This is how the couple joined the jars of sand as a symbol of the union of their lives.

“I have dreamed of this moment for a long time there is no day that I do not thank God for crossing our path” were the words of the footballer at the time of marrying Zudikey.

“My captain Patricio Araujo I promise to stay happily by your side until the end of my existence, I love you”, With that emotional message, sprinter Zuli gave her vows of love to Pato Araujo. Thus the bride and groom became husband and wife in the place where their love was born.

Twitter publication @VengaLaAlegria
Twitter publication @VengaLaAlegria

The athletes were part of the red team of Exathlon from the show’s second season. It was there that this couple built their relationship, although the audience reaction was negative at first because they thought it was planned to generate ratings.

During the transmission of one of the episodes of the season, Pato Araujo interrupted the highest authority of the show, Antonio Rosique, to give an announcement in front of both teams, Heroes and Titans witnessed the moment when Pato proposed to Zudi.

Once the competition ended and they both returned to Mexico, they strengthened their relationship, a courtship of almost two years, although they were already engaged, they had to wait to make the wedding of their dreams. With the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, they could not marry as they would have liked in the company of both families. But with the organization of the former Chivas player, he managed to get the event to take place in the Dominican Republic with the company of his friends from the reality show.

According to a post via Twitter, the program Come the joy confirmed that morning Sunday they will exclusively present the details of the party and celebration. The transmission ended when the couple took a jet that took them away from the beach where they had their wedding.


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