News This was the moment when a woman's battery began...

This was the moment when a woman’s battery began to burn in her hands while charging her cell phone


A woman from Valladolid has lived a real moment of terror when she saw how the external battery with which she was charging her mobile began to burn in her hands.

«Everything has been very fast. When I wanted to realize, I had already completely burned, ”explains Marina Posada (43 years old), who on Thursday morning, at 10:30 am, lived a“ huge scare ”when she saw how it burned until it was completely carbonized the device that was in those hands.

A spark in a corner, a small flame and suddenly white smoke. The affected one acquired the Poweradd battery in August 2018 for less than 30 euros. Nothing made the woman imagine that her purchase, whose criticisms on the web were mostly positive, would end up catching fire and causing burns on the floor.

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World News :

The smoke that raised the failure of the device invaded not only the house, but also the portal of the property, located on the Paseo de Zorrilla with Suspension Bridge.
 Hours later the house still smelled
to burnt plastic.

From the information telephone 012 they indicated to Posada to contact Amazon to know what steps to follow. For its part, the company has asked the woman to send the remains of the charger to be sent to the supplier and seller, who will analyze them to establish possible compensation.

Keep reading the full story in El Norte de Castilla. .


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