“This Way Up”, a story of the best chasm

Recent suicide attempt and “Very small” nervous breakdown aside, Aine is in good shape. She is an English teacher for adults in her thirties, Irish by origin with an accent and a verve of the most beautiful water. From a certain angle, his interpreter Aisling Bea (coming from the stand-up, also author of the series) has false airs of Zooey Deschanel, the former American indie muse. We think about it while looking This Way Up, which joins this serial cosmogony where the feminine “I” has found its narrative dignity in recent years. Because this half-adorable, half-zany teacher character could well be Deschanel’s disenchanted cousin, or at least the defeated version of her little left fairy persona, entrenched in this charming oddity that had institutionalized in the early 2010s. the sitcom New Girl.

Green and messy

Aine also wears croquignolets vests, handles the joke so much for only repartee and in all respects that she must constantly tell her confused interlocutors that she is joking. But this inconsistency acts as a moving index of his melancholy: laughter must be saved. Throughout six episodes that are drunk in one gulp, we will see the very sympathetic Aisling Bea throw her comic forces into the battle she seems to be engaged in against the sobs, blocked somewhere in her beautiful deep voice. What the British Channel 4 allows in terms of greenness and mess is enough to dismiss what remains of the myth of the pretty eccentric institute, escaped from an imaginary blue flower to banter on the edge of the abyss – here she dreams of being stringing a ketamine vial alone when friends cancel it on a Friday night.

Tobias Menzies and Aisling Bea. Photo Canal+. MyCANAL

Love between sisters

We see the dramatic foundation of a family mourning, which an episode in particular lets hatch, as well as the horizon of a rom-com plot, while the heroine crosses the path of a parent of a student arch-austere, not so indifferent. But what is really racing in This Way Up, it is love between sisters (Sharon Horgan, also producer of the series, plays the down-to-earth elder), of which the series makes its structuring line. This is also where she finds her tone, rather gentle, less cruel than what many comparisons with Fleabag : Aisling Bea and Phoebe Waller Bridge are close friends in life, but the two shows don’t chew the same gall. We can guess the long gestation of the project behind this hyper-engaging first season, which has the flavor of a single pilot episode of three hours, junk in his desire to show what he can do – and will certainly show us more, from then on that the brilliance of the touching Aisling Bea has found its place.

This Way Up by Aisling Bea, with Aisling Bea, Sharon Horgan, Kadiff Kirwan, in replay on MyCanal.

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