This weekend, Quebec has three meetings

Thursday, October 29, 2020 at 8:33 PM – Quebec will have three dates this weekend: Halloween, a full blue moon and the time change. Not to mention an episode of biting cold! Nice program in perspective.

Before Halloween night, a winter cold will reign in Quebec. Friday morning, the mercury will drop to -15 ° C in Abitibi, while a low of -5 ° C is forecast in Montreal. To add to the insult: a nordet will increase the feeling of cold. Unfortunately, it won’t be much hotter on Saturday.

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A system will be accompanied by a warm front that will hardly cause the mercury to rise in the northwest in addition to clouding the sky, while the other regions of Quebec will be treated to a rather cold evening. The south and center of the province will benefit from clear skies.

The high pressure near the American coast will keep Quebec cold for this very special Halloween edition.

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The system in northern Quebec will bring snow while the other regions will benefit from clear skies. Remember that October 31 also corresponds to a full moon evening. It’s about a Blue moon, since it is the second in the same month.

Let us not forget either to set back the time, in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

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