This will be the new parameters for the Epidemiological Risk Traffic Light

The Health Secretary unveiled the new measurement parameters of the Epidemiological Risk Traffic Light from Covid-19.

The Secretariat of Health made changes in the operation of the Epidemiological Traffic Light to respond to the new criteria and dynamics of coronavirus contagion. As well as the number of hospitalizations, deaths, vaccinations and ages of infection. The entity presented the new guidelines to the National Health Commission (Conasa).

Photo: Secretariat of Health of Mexico City

Dwight Dyer Leal, General Director of Health, reported that the new methodological proposal for this instrument seeks to provide greater breadth to the continuity of socioeconomic activities, favors the basic number of reproduction and rates in hospitalization and mortality trends as early warning indicators for prevent risks.

This new modality seeks to take more into account the rates of hospitalization and mortality, in order to focus on continuing to open more economic activities. Well, although the number of cases in the third wave is higher than in the first wave in July and August 2020, the number of hospitalized and deaths is clearly lower.

For his part, the undersecretary of prevention and health promotion, Hugo López-Gatell reported that this new evaluation system will serve for the implementation and provision of health measures during the pandemic by state authorities.

In the same way, they are preparing a guide whose purpose is that the staff of Health of public and private medical units prescribe useful drugs based on scientific evidence to people with Covid-19.

For its part, the guidelines of the new Epidemiological traffic light are not yet officially public, and there is still no exact date for them to be made available. However, the authorities report that a draft of the document is already available.

This is due to the fact that most of the infections are occurring in young people not vaccinated. Which have a better diagnosis than that of the elderly, the main affected at the beginning of the pandemic.

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