This year’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala has a lot to watch

Original title: This year’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala has a lot to watch

It’s New Year’s Eve again, and every family watches the Spring Festival Gala. On the stage of this year’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala, a group of simple, sincere and catchy songs expressed people’s yearning for a better life.

This year, in addition to Chongqing singer Huang Qishan’s debut in the Spring Festival Gala with the song “It’s Mother or Daughter”, Liang Mang, a famous poet from Chongqing, participated in the creation of the opening song “Flowers Bloom and Planters” and the creative program “Man Ting Fang·National Beauty” , The song “Song for All Friends” and “Expedition” also made the audience shine.

Behind the success of the show is full of the ingenuity of the creators. What kind of story is there? After the Spring Festival Gala, a reporter from Chongqing Daily interviewed Liang Mang immediately.

“I planted the fragrance of flowers on 9.6 million square meters, and every inch of the field outside the window is beautiful…” With cheerful music, the Malan Flower Children’s Choir and Beijing Philharmonic Choir participated in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics The group and the children from the Guoguo Chorus of Zhongba Village, Xide County, Daliangshan, dressed in white padded jackets and hats with bunny ears, turned into cute little white rabbits and came to the audience. They took the stage together with more than 10 actors including Jackie Chan with clear and immature singing voices, and jointly sang “Flowers Blooming and Planting the Flowers” to extend New Year blessings to audiences across the country.

Liang Mang introduced that more than three months ago, he received an invitation from the chief director and started creating. “After several exchanges with the director, I learned that this year’s whole show is mainly organized around the element of ‘flower’. So I used a lot of meanings of ‘flower’, and combined with my daily observations, I only used less than 3 I finished writing the lyrics when I was young.” After seeing the live performance, Liang Mang believed that “Flowers Blooming and Planting the Flower” showed the brisk and warm style of the song.

Compared with “Flowers Blooming and Planting Flowers”, the creation of “Man Ting Fang·National Beauty” made Liang Mang feel the charm of Chinese culture. In the creative program “Man Ting Fang · National Color”, actor Zhao Liying sang 42 color names. Find the auspicious red from the “red persimmons” in autumn, the elegant blue from the “sky blue” after the rain, and the “Oriental White” from the morning sky… The stage full of technology and dancing The dancers let the audience in front of the TV truly feel the beauty of Chinese culture.

“Actually, when I learned that I was going to write a song about traditional Chinese culture, I still had some expectations in my heart. But when I really got a deeper understanding of traditional Chinese culture, I felt more joy in my heart.” Liang Mang said, in ” In Man Ting Fang·National Colors, he chose many unknown traditional colors, such as rouge, Han, light clouds, etc. The lyrics are simple and atmospheric.

In addition to the above two songs, Liang Mang also participated in the creation of two songs “Song to All Friends” and “Expedition”. “”Song to All Friends” is a song that has been released publicly, telling the sincere feelings for friends in ordinary days. And “Expedition” is a new song created for the Spring Festival Gala.” Liang Mang said, ” The source of inspiration for “Expedition” is the trackers on the Chuanjiang River.

In a blink of an eye, Liang Mang has composed more than 30 songs for the Spring Festival Gala. When the reporter asked about his overall feelings about the Spring Festival Gala, Liang Mang said that in recent years, the Spring Festival Gala has not only achieved the unity of thought, artistry, appreciation and innovation, but also has become more diverse in stage presentation, which is truly for the audience in front of the TV. Presented a cultural feast that gathers people’s hearts, warms people’s hearts, and builds sympathy. “It’s my honor to be able to compose songs for such a feast.” Liang Mang said that in the future, he will go deeper into the grassroots, accumulate inspiration through chatting with ordinary people, and then create more lyrics that touch people’s hearts, so that more people can understand Changes in the motherland. (Reporter Liu Yiye)Return to Sohu to see more


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