Thomas Dutronc recounts his “first firing” at the age of 11 with Serge Gainsbourg

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Serge Gainsbourgwas part of the life of Thomas Dutronc since a young age. A relationship that has evolved over the years. At his side, the son of Jacques Dutronc and Francoise Hardy even had some very unusual first experiences. “I owe him my first binge: I was 11, we were at a Chinese restaurant with my parents and he sneaked some champage cups”, Thomas Dutronc recalled on February 28, for the Sunday newspaper. “When I left I was drunk and I said to my mother: ‘how I understand daddy!’ », Explained the singer.

A funny experience, which makes you smile. Thomas Dutronc got to know Serge Gainsbourg in private, far from the decadent image that could be attributed to him. “I visited him during the Gainsbarre period, but I had access to the man behind the troublemaker. I therefore keep the memory of a person full of mischief, tenderness and refinement, always perfumed, elegant, distinguished ”, he declared.

Still vivid memories for those who spent privileged moments, talking about music, with one of the greatest French artists. “He invited me once a month to a big restaurant. Sometimes I would go to his house to talk and listen to music. One day, he made me listen to “In the ghetto”, and “Love me tender” byElvis (Presley, editor’s note) and he told me: “I would have liked to compose something so beautiful”, confided the son of Jacques Dutronc.

Serge Gainsbourg, whose 30th anniversary of his death on March 2, 2021, has therefore always been present for the latter, from his first moments of life. “Serge has meant a lot to me from the start. The day I was born, while they were hospitalized following his first heart attack, he sent my mother this nice note: “If he’s shy, it’ll be a little Thomas with a tomato” “, a- he said. The beginning of a beautiful relationship, which will last until the singer’s death in 1991.

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