Thomas Häßler: “It’s my fault that we became world champions”

Et is the one goal that you will always associate with Thomas Häßler. On November 15, 1989, he met the World Cup qualifier against Wales to 2-1 final score. Only through this goal did the German national team qualify for the 1990 World Cup in Italy. It was the goal of the now 54-year-old that paved the way for the title.

Question: Mr. Häßler, 30 years ago Andreas Brehme shot Germany to the world title. Lothar Matthäus became a world footballer, Guido Buchwald was celebrated because he eliminated Maradona. But without you Germany would not have gone to the World Cup at all.

Thomas Häßler: Yes, without my goal against Wales in the last qualifying game, we would not have gone to the World Cup. I know that, it makes me proud, and that is what many people still address to me today. It’s my fault that we became world champions. And I loved doing it.

Question: Let’s start the story over.


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