Thomas Meunier cried with laughter during a warm-up in Marseille

Thomas Meunier (28) was on the Ptit Delire Tv program recently, with fellow rapper Roméo Elvis and youtubeur Maskey. The protagonists touched on several subjects in football, including one on the accommodation of supporters in stadiums.

And the right side of PSG evoked the memory that marked it most, it was during a clasico in Marseille last year. “I’m warming up, the audience is 50 centimeters away. The guys arrive, they get up, they take off their pants. They shout : “will you do in *****”. It was crazy, I had never seen that. I cried with laughter, and Verratti next to it was on the ground “ he said. A funnier chambering than anything else appreciated by Thomas Meunier: “I don’t want to be mean, but I like people who are original. “

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