Thomas Meunier opens a new restaurant “T’Châr” with the help of Julien Lapraille

A few hours before the Red Devils match in Qatar, Thomas Meunier answered, via a screen, questions from journalists gathered in his restaurant Le T’Châr, place Mc Auliffe in Bastogne. Smartphone in hand, Julien Lapraille, his partner. A shock pair to relaunch the project imagined five years ago.

Owner of the building, where a rotisserie opened for a few months, Thomas Meunier is off to a good start with the support of the former candidate of Top Boss.

“When we separated from the former partner, we looked for a new spearhead, a new partner with good ideas and experience in the Horeca, because that’s what we lacked.explained the footballer. Julien proposed and we immediately signed. It is, in fact, not easy to find someone who knows how to cook, manage and do coaching. The two test evenings went very well: everyone was delighted.”

The footballer intends to share his culinary discoveries throughout the world while giving the establishment a local anchorage, with local products. The two men play the complementarity card. “I brought my stone to the building in the choice of the decoration and the dishes which will be proposed. I trust Julien: he has clear ideas”, he specified.

Julien Lapraille will bring his personal touch to the dishes that will be served. “If the restaurant is called T’Châr, in reference to the meat, in Walloon, and the char of the Mc Auliffe square, the menu will be very varied and will also include fish dishes. It refers to the past of the city For example, the aperitif is to be shared between soldiers and the dessert is called the cannon shot.”

The establishment, with double entrance, equipped with an elevator, is spread over three floors: the restaurant, the bar and the rooftop. It will be accessible, from Thursday noon to Sunday evening, from this Saturday, December 3.

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