Thomas Müller plays “O, Tannenbaum” on the tuba – in the video

The winter break is shorter than ever for the Bundesliga stars, the ball will be rolling again on January 2nd. Some professionals will still be in the Christmas mood, as Thomas Müller demonstrated.

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Usually Bavaria is Munich Thomas Müller responsible for goals and assists. At Christmas time, the ex-national player also gets a few days off – and can devote himself to other things.

Like the music. The day before Christmas Eve, the 31-year-old posted a video on his Instagram channel that showed him playing tuba in a turtleneck sweater. Together with the brass band “LaBrassBanda”, the Bayern star gave the Christmas classic “O, Tannenbaum“for the best – without moving your fingers while” playing tuba “.

“Merry Christmas wish you Thomas Müller and LaBrassBanda “, Müller conveyed Christmas greetings to his fans before he picked up the tuba and also became active singing.

See and hear the complete Christmas serenade with Thomas Müller here in the article. Alternatively, see the video here.


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