Thomas Müller snaps at NDR reporter: “You are laughing here now”

After losing the cup against Kiel
Thomas Müller snaps at NDR reporter: “You are laughing here now”

Thomas Müller was not very amused about the question from NDR reporter Valeska Homburg, put forward with a small laugh, about the mood in the cabin

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Thomas Müller was completely served after the historic cup bankruptcy in the snowdrift of Kiel. When an NDR reporter also asked him flippantly about the mood in the cabin, the Bayern star was angry.

Thomas Müller was understandably not in the best of moods. There the Bayern star stood in the snow after the defeat against Holstein Kiel in the DFB Cup and answered questions from NDR reporter Valeska Homburg. When Homburg asked about the mood in the cabin and laughed a little, Müller puffed back in annoyance: “You are laughing here now.” To which Homburg replied: “No, I’m not laughing.” Müller didn’t give up and said: “Of course you laughed!” Only after another question from the reporter did the interview continue peacefully and professionally.

Despite the little squabbling, Müller provided an objective analysis of what had happened in the previous 120 minutes and in the penalty shoot-out in the Holstein Stadium. “Even if it sounds stupid after a cup defeat against an underdog from Kiel – luck was not on our side. It is certainly not the best phase for FC Bayern. But we cannot be accused of doing that with a Larifari attitude Game. The elimination is brutal, you have to let it sink in first. ”

Müller: You did very well

Kiel managed to equalize 2-2 in the 5th minute of stoppage time by Hauke ​​Wahl. It was the second time that the Kiel team compensated for a Bayern tour on this memorable evening. Previously, Finn Bartels had met to 1-1. The goals for Bayern were scored by Serge Gnabry and Leroy Sané. Neither team managed to score in stoppage time. In the penalty shootout, the Kielers converted all six road kicks, the big bad luck at Bayern was Marc Roca.

Müller praised the opponent for his performance: “They did very well, it wasn’t a cup sensation that emerged from the start,” said Müller, but admitted: “Kiel punished that relatively callously.” The end of the favorite is “disappointing and extremely bitter. We are of course served. You can imagine that the mood is not good”.


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